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This is a page that showcases art from Eastern Visayas, Philippines. You will find Eastern Visayas, or Region VIII, at the east-center part of the Philippine map. It is made of the provinces of Northern Samar, Eastern Samar, Western Samar, Leyte, Biliran, and Southern Leyte.

Eastern Visayan art scene is not totally unrelated to the larger Philippine art climate, although it has developed independently from national and more popular art. In the performing arts, the Kalipayan Dance Troupe and the Leyte Dance Theater, including some independent and small theater arts groups, have performed around and out of the Philippines, and have thusly progressed independently from mainstream performance arts (namely, TV and film). The yearly Largabista Film competition is seeking to permanently embed film-making in Region VIII.

The siday of Waray Literature, along with canduhayaambahancanogonbicalbalac, and awit, are both performance art and literature, for it has remained “on-stage” because of the lack of publishing options.

Music in the region has also been observed to be of the same streak as the siday, because of the lack of recording outlets for musical artists. Most musical artists in Eastern Visayas wait for breaks in the more popular recording industry (in Cebu and Manila). Some of the local bands that have broken into the mainstream music industry are Eye Me Eye, Kulahig, Mad Clown, and some Southern Leyte Bisayan Rock bands. Bands and singers that have not been discovered by national talent scouts do wait idly, though, because they regularly perform around the region in bars and public parks, which made them gain popularity among the local folk. Music genres are categorized as tribal/world music, rock/alternative, and reggae (although there are intermarriages of the genres).

There is a thriving culture of both graffiti and framed paintings in Region VIII. Both have been commissioned by the local government to create public murals, and both are gaining popularity in the national arts. While graffiti artists use hardware paint, painters here use different media for their art. More locally brewed painting media are tuba (red-colored fermented coconut drink) and coffee.

In the fashion industry side, there are a few independent apparel and jewelry designers in the area that serve local clients, but have not moved in the mall/retail culture. These designers usually craft custom-made items for their clients. T-shirt art here is now into the local retail industry, but there are a few that make handmade and custom-made shirts. Woven bags are more popular in the area, for the craft is attributed to have originated in Samar. Woven bags are made of ticog grass or recycled plastic.


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